Antique Cloisonne Enameled Bangle - Rebekah Brooks Jewelry

Antique Cloisonne Enameled Bangle

Cloisonné is an ancient decorative technique for embellishing metal objects. Thin wire is affixed to the surface, creating a stencil-like outline which is then filled with enamel. In this exquisite example, a black backdrop provides perfect contrast for the decorative floral motifs.
  • 3/8" wide
  • 7.25" circumference 

Because we do all our restoration work by hand we can offer a huge array of customization! If you have inquiries about sizing, alterations, or engraving, you can inquire about a quote here

As with all antiques, this piece is one-of-a-kind and can sell at any time. Before placing your order, please contact a store to check on availability. Unless otherwise noted, antique jewelry can be exchanged in its original condition within 15 days of purchase.

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