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If you're searching for the perfect gift, layering necklace or statement piece, look no further! Rebekah Brooks necklaces are handcrafted to be unique in every way. From bold to delicate, our gold and silver necklaces can suit any style.

Shop our selection or contact us today to find your new favorite piece of jewelry, adorned with gems, diamonds, pendants and more. Customize it or leave it as is to display a piece of your personality around your neck.


Romani Gemstone Necklace


Large Teardrop Necklace w. Precious Stone


14k Tiny Heart Locket w. Diamond


Sequin Necklace


Medium Teardrop Necklace w. Precious Stone


Downton Necklace


Double Snake Necklace


Small Bib Necklace


Triple Palm Necklace


14k Simple Chain Necklace


15% Off! Moon Tassel Necklace


20% OFF! Large Gem Necklace on Accented Triple Chain