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Guide to Cleaning Jewelry

by Rebekah Brooks on June 13, 2023

Each of your jewelry pieces holds intention and meaning, whether it's your engagement ring or a cherished necklace you love wearing next to your heart. With the right care, your jewelry has the potential to endure for many years — even serving as heirlooms that future generations will cherish. 

At Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, we created this guide on jewelry care to help you keep your pieces looking as beautiful as the day they first caught your eye.


Try Ultrasonic Cleaning

Jewelry stores typically rely on ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt and debris from jewelry because some pieces may have crevices that are difficult to clean. This method relies on high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves that create movement in the cleaning liquid to dislodge any impurities from your jewelry. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is available at most jewelry stores, but you can also try this method at home by purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner of your own. Keep in mind that while this cleaning technique is effective for jewelry with hard-to-reach crevices, you shouldn't use it on antique jewelry, pearls, soft stones or any pieces with epoxy. Be sure to consult with a jeweler to determine if your piece is suitable for this cleaning method. 


How to Clean Gold Jewelry

To restore the warm glow to your gold pieces, use a little bit of mild, colorless and fragrance-free liquid soap and warm water. Gently scrub your jewelry using a rag or soft brush and then thoroughly rinse. 


How to Clean Silver Jewelry

If your silver jewelry is starting to take on a dull, tarnished appearance, you can restore its luster with a polishing cloth. We offer a liquid jewelry cleaner and cloth that is safe to use on all metals and gemstones except pearls. Once you've cleaned your jewelry, use a polishing cloth to buff it out.


How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

You can bring back the sparkle of your diamond jewelry by soaking it in a gentle cleaning solution for a few minutes — or even overnight if it's especially dirty. To achieve a thorough result, use a soft brush or soft bristle toothbrush to clean all sides of the diamond and then rinse it with clean water.


How to Clean Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry with gemstones, especially items containing soft gems like pearl or turquoise, requires special care. While most gemstones are nonporous, some types are porous and react more easily to liquids they come into contact with, including cleaning chemicals and even water. Paying attention to the gemstone you are cleaning is vital to maintaining this jewelry effectively. For example, you'll want to carefully handle opals and only clean them with warm, soapy water, whereas sapphire pieces can go in an ultrasonic cleaner. 


Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

While proper care is key to enjoying your jewelry for years, storing and protecting your pieces when you aren't wearing them is important as well. When getting ready, add your jewelry pieces last so you don't get products like makeup or perfume on them. Also, it's best to remove your jewelry at night so it doesn't get tangled when you sleep. 

If you plan on doing activities like gardening, rock climbing or cleaning, we recommend safely storing your pieces so they don't get scratched or damaged. You'll also want to remove your pieces before entering chlorine pools or hot tubs to protect them from the chemicals.


Keep Your Pieces Looking Their Best With Rebekah Brooks Jewelry

At Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, we can help you restore the beauty of your most cherished jewelry pieces. We invite you to visit our store to benefit from the best cleaning solution for your specific pieces. Our knowledgeable team can also explain how you can clean your jewelry yourself. 

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