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Rebekah Brooks Jewelry is renowned for its timeless designs and collection variety. With our sale pieces, you can enjoy these exceptional qualities at reduced prices.

Elevate your jewelry collection and bring new elements to your favorite ensembles with earrings, necklaces, brooches and beyond. Our handmade pieces come in various styles and colors, allowing you to choose an option that best reflects your aesthetic preferences.

Each piece of discount fine jewelry is made with the highest quality materials to last a lifetime and generations beyond. Explore our online collection of handmade jewelry for sale. We also invite you to experience our jewelry in person when you visit one of our stores.


35% Off! Sterling Silver Engraved Siamese Bracelet


25% Off! Art Nouveau Pearl Necklace


52% Off! Antique 18k Gold Masonic Necklace


24% Off! Victorian Coral Drop Earrings


54% Off! Vintage Gold Drop Earrings


62% Off! Vintage Sterling Silver Costume Brooch


38% Off! Antique Eiffel Tower Necklace


40% Off! Georgian 18k Purple Sapphire & Enamel Necklace


40% Off! Vintage Flower Drop Earrings


80% Off! Vintage Mabé Pearl Locket


50% Off! Art Nouveau Floral Sterling Silver Locket


28% Off! Victorian Fly Necklace w. Garnet & Amethyst