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Custom Design

Jewelry has a great deal of meaning behind it, and can be a very personal item to either give or receive. We wear it on our bodies, sometimes close to our hearts, and it is passed down generation after generation. It is a gift to be treasured, often given at important milestones in one’s life. Whether it’s a gift for another meant to symbolize a milestone, or your relationship, or a gift to yourself of something you’ve always dreamed of having as your own, our custom designs offer personalized meaning to each on-of-a-kind creation.


Common custom designs include:
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Mother’s Gifts
  • Birthstones Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Memorial Items, i.e. urns, lockets
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Everyday Jewelry
  • Sentimental Jewelry
Custom Engraving
Initials, dates, images, symbols - we can engrave just about anything as long as we have enough surface area (we are able to engrave most rings). Our engraving is done by hand, by Rebekah. Some materials we cannot engrave on. Contact us with your vision for more details!

Antique Restoration

We specialize in antique restoration, meaning our studio and store staff are highly trained in antique materials and methods. To work on a piece that is over 100 years old, you must have the appropriate tools and know how to archivally restore antique jewelry specifically.

Whether it’s a piece you don’t wear and want to completely re-imagine, or a piece that is worn and you’d like to return to its original state, we offer free consultations and design services that will help you plan for your project whether it’s now or in the future.


Common antique restorations include:
  • Resetting stones in a new design
  • Converting a piece into something else entirely (a pin into a pendant or ring)
  • Separating one item into multiple pieces to serve as heirlooms
  • Stone repolishing when abraded from wear or chipped
  • Lowering settings to be more wearable
  • Shank (band) replacement when worn thin
  • Laser welding
*Must be used on delicate pieces, crucial to antique jewelry restoration

Jewelry Repair

From ring resizing and chain repairs, to remounting a family diamond in a custom engagement ring, Rebekah Brooks Jewelry is a full service jeweler, offering a number of specialized services. Even if it’s a piece we did not make, we are here for all your jewelry repair needs.


Common repairs include:
  • Ring resizing
  • General repair of broken pieces
  • Retipping/tightening prongs
  • Rhodium plating, gold vermeil
  • Shortening/lengthening necklaces & bracelets
  • Replacing clasps
  • Restringing beads and pearls, with or without knotting
  • Switching earrings to posts/drops/screw backs/clip ons
  • Diamond & stone recutting/repolishing
  • Shank (band) replacement
*We do not work on watches, or eyeglasses.


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