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About Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks has been making jewelry ever since she was a child growing up in rural NH. Her parents were both working artists & she spent her days alongside them in the studio, making & creating as they did the same. Her later childhood took her to live in southern France & Tasmania, accompanying her parents on extended teaching residencies. These formative experiences provided a unique vantage point for art & culture that would embolden her own commitment to live a creative life.

Once out of college & living in New York City she had the opportunity to work with other artists, helping to realize projects and run businesses. The more she worked for others the more she was brought back to the unwavering desire to realize her own vision. In the mid 90’s Rebekah hired a friend to help with production & formally launched her own jewelry line. She spent the next ten years selling her jewelry wholesale to stores across the US, Europe & Japan.

In 2007, not long after leaving New York City for greener pastures in Massachusetts, she decided to open her first retail store in Northampton, Mass. Fulfilling a growing desire to be more creative with production and sell directly to the public, the shop found a supportive home and was a great success. In 2012, building upon a growing business, a beautiful jewel-box of a shop was opened in the heart of Harvard Square, Cambridge. In 2016, a third location was opened in historic Beacon Hill, Boston.

Designing jewelry for me is about creating something beautiful that’s fully realized only once it’s adorned.
— Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks Gem Glossary

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Antique Terminology

From our personal obsession with Victorian jewelry to the expressive romance of the Art Deco period, here is a primer on these distinct & dynamic epochs that continue to influence us today.

Rebekah Brooks Services

Custom rings to personalized engraving, stone cutting to laser welding, antique jewelry restoration to general jewelry repair - we do it all! See a selection of our work here.