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Client Profile: Taylor and Jacob

by Katie Joly on October 14, 2018
Last week I met Taylor and Jacob, a couple that has followed the company from Northampton to Boston. They drove up from Providence to pick out some rings after an alternative engagement involving a ring pop. Read all about their love story below.
How did you meet? We actually "met" on Tinder! Online success story, I guess.  Still wondering if Tinder is going to foot the bill for the wedding :) I am a hair stylist in downtown Providence and Jacob works for Veterans Affairs a few blocks away from my salon. We matched on Tinder over 3.5 years ago and messaged back and forth for about a week. He is incredibly funny, so he kept his witty banter at a 10 and had me hooked! After the week of messaging/texting/laughing and exchanging more information about each other, he surprised me one afternoon at the salon. One day he just walked in with an iced coffee for me. He seemed incredibly calm and confident about the whole thing but I found out later he was incredibly nervous. I think he even forgot to take off his sunglasses indoors. I mean, if he were to date me I knew his future would be bright but come on. In those few minutes of our first encounter, we both felt butterflies and immediately made plans to see each other that night. We ended up making plans to go to an outdoor concert in Providence and have been virtually inseparable ever since!
How did you find RB jewelry? I moved to Providence a little over five years ago from Northampton, MA. I used to take pottery classes in Northampton and I would have to walk through Thornes Market to get there. I would also walk by Rebekah Brooks' store, frequently stopping in to look at the jewelry. I think the first piece of jewelry I bought from her was an antique pendant on a small gold chain. The style, the creativity... I was in love! From there, I purchased a few pairs of her earrings and an antique charm bracelet. When Jacob and I started talking about marriage, I knew I wanted my ring to be one of her designs.  
Where was the proposal? It was actually officially at the salon I work at! The weekend before it happened, we had started to talk about it in a practical sense. We both thought highly of it and were interested in making it happen but I wasn't exactly sure how serious he truly was. We were also starting to house-hunt and talked about extending our family in the next few years. So, in a way, we kind of discussed it ahead of time. Wasn't quite sure if it was concrete, wasn't sure if he was serious about it, and I had no real sense of when we (he) might pull the trigger. At the time, it was just sort of a conversation. When I went back to work the next day, I didn't think much of it. I was on my lunch break in the back room when he came rushing in and surprised me (in a rain coat, dripping wet because it had been pouring out). He didn't have a ring yet but I think his excitement got the better of him (which it usually does. He's terrible at surprises). He had run over in the midst of the downpour and with limited options, stopped at the 7/11 along the way to pick out the "shiniest and prettiest Ring Pop they had." Nothing says, "I'm serious," like a Ring Pop proposal but I loved it!  He has just the kind of fun-loving personality to pull it off. I thought it was so sweet. Our "courtship" started with a venti iced soy latte and ended with the most expensive Ring Pop at 7/11.
Were you both involved with picking out the ring? Yes! When he proposed with the Ring Pop, he said “Now, let’s go get you a real ring." Obviously, I knew it was going to be at RB! I had seen online that two more stores had opened up closer to Providence, so I was thrilled to make a day of it.  We didn’t get to celebrate our engagement when it first happened because I had to leave for New York City for work for a few days, so we planned a day in the near future to go to Boston to pick out rings, go out to dinner, and really celebrate. It was perfect! Even with all the planning we've already done, everything has been so smooth and easy... almost questionably easy, in fact. The kind of easy that makes you think you're about to hit a huge obstacle. Just as we're entering the Boston area, we're both anticipating a horrid parking situation but alas, surely enough, we find a spot immediately outside Rebekah's store! We walked into our appointment together and met Emily at your Boston location (Charles St.). Emily was so sweet and helped us pick out the perfect engagement ring!  We also took the opportunity to pick out our wedding bands and in true RB style, I was blown away at much of the other inventory. I had to treat myself to a diamond necklace, too!
Taylor and Jacob after choosing their rings.
Where do you see yourself in five years? Happy! I feel so lucky that Jacob and I found each other. A few years ago, someone said to me, “If I could do it all over again, I would find a partner who made me laugh.” Not only do Jacob and I love each other unconditionally, we make each other belly laugh every single day. We have so much fun together and I know that, no matter what happens in the future, we will be happy together. Happiness is a place for us and we've found it in each other. It's where we want to be.
Thank you both for making the drive to pick out your handmade jewelry. We wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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