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At Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, we curate a stunning collection of antique jewelry from various eras. Shop historical pieces with a story dating back to the Victorian, Art Deco or Edwardian eras. Every period has a distinctive style, even down to the unique diamond cuts. Through our archival restoration, we revive handmade antique jewelry to carry on for more generations to come.

Browse timeless antique jewelry online or shop the collection in our stores to discover your next conversation piece. Feel free to reach out to learn more about our in-house antique restorations or jewelry repairs for pieces you already own.

Antique Jewelry

Vintage Cannetille Garnet Bracelet


Edwardian Ornate Braided Chain


Antique Spun Cannetille Earrings


Sterling Silver Spun Cannetille Necklace


Vintage Sterling Silver Urn


Antique Pocket Knife Necklace


Antique Engraved Heart Locket


Turkish Malachite Necklace


Antique Rope Chain Necklace


Vintage Twisted Rope Chain Bracelet


Vintage Gold Bubbly Ring


Vintage Cloisonné Butterfly Earrings



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