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Rebekah Brooks bracelets offer beauty and personal expression for any ensemble. With metallic finishes and striking gemstones, we carry a bracelet to suit any aesthetic sensibility. Every bracelet is one-of-a-kind to elevate your jewelry collection. Choose a single bracelet that can stand alone or a selection of bracelets for a layered look. Select the piece that speaks to you among bold and vibrant cuffs and bangles or minimalist bands.

Each bracelet is handmade and showcases a design that will complement a range of other pieces. Browse our selection of chain, vine and other bracelets today, or contact us to schedule a consultation.


Triple Chain Bracelet


Simple Chain Bracelet w. Gemstones


Vine Bracelet


Classic Beaded Bracelet


14k Simple Chain Bracelet w. Gemstones


Classic Beaded Bracelet w. Precious Stones


14k Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet


40% Off! Triple Chain Bracelet


Vintage Round Coral Bead Bracelet


Vintage Moonstone & Aquamarine Bracelet


Vintage Infinity Loop Pyrope Garnet Bracelet


Pearl Bracelet



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