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Rebekah Brooks bracelets offer beauty and personal expression for any ensemble. With metallic finishes and striking gemstones, we carry a bracelet to suit any aesthetic sensibility. Every bracelet is one-of-a-kind to elevate your jewelry collection. Choose a single bracelet that can stand alone or a selection of bracelets for a layered look. Select the piece that speaks to you among bold and vibrant cuffs and bangles or minimalist bands.

Each bracelet is handmade and showcases a design that will complement a range of other pieces. Browse our selection of chain, vine and other bracelets today, or contact us to schedule a consultation.


Simple Chain Bracelet w. Precious Stones


Triple Chain Bracelet w. Precious Stones


Vine Bracelet w. Precious Stones


Vine Bracelet


Circle Cross Bracelet


Triple Palm Bracelet


Lace Cast Bracelet


Victorian Vine Cuff Bracelet


Simple Chain Bracelet


Simple Chain Bracelet w. Gemstones


Triple Chain Bracelet


Baby Victorian Vine Cuff Bracelet